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Beautifully crafted with a good temper and even better sharpness, the Pallares Solsona Knife is the perfect everyday kitchen tool. Suitable for all manner of food preparation, this knife comes in three carefully selected sizes to meet all culinary cutting, slicing, and trimming needs.

Finished with a comfortably rounded boxwood handle, each knife is hand-sharpened and stamped with the Pallares Solsona seal. But it's the high-quality carbon steel blade that gives this knife its true charm – easier to sharpen than stainless steel, a carbon steel blade will also hold its edge for longer. Like most good tools, these knives will need the right care; carbon steel blades tend to rust if they are left in contact with water for too long and so need to be dried after every use. Over time the blade will develop a patina of oxidation. This is the normal reaction of carbon steel to daily use and will not only help to prevent corrosion but is what will ultimately give these knives their distinct appearance.

Founded in 1917 in the small town of Solsona, Spain, Pallares is a third generation family-run business founded on traditional craftsmanship. Based in a region where the knife-craftsmanship tradition dates back to the sixteenth century, today Pallares is one of the only remaining knife-making workshops. Throughout its history, Pallares has always chosen and still chooses the materials it uses by seeking uncompromising quality. The main aim of the production of Pallares Solsona knives continues to centre around the quality of the cutting edge, which is why carbon steel is their preferred blade material and all knives are sharpened by hand. Throughout the years Pallares has managed to stay true to its origins in the traditional knife-making craft while gracefully navigating changing times. 

Small - 9cm blade, 18cm full knife length
Medium - 13cm blade, 24cm full knife length
Large - 16cm blade, 28cm full knife length 

Handmade in Solsona, Spain.

Care – If cared for properly these knives will last for decades. It is important to always dry your knife after every use. Carbon steel is easier to sharpen and will hold its edge for longer than stainless steel, but the blades need to be dried immediately after every use to prevent rust. The blades will need to be sharpened periodically to preserve their edge and they also benefit from periodic treatment with blade oil. Please refer to our detailed care information for more information about carbon steel and its care.

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