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These pure Belgian linen napkins are different to most other linen napkins. Seeking the best quality linen made to the highest ethical standards we spent months searching for a product that would be versatile, easy to live with, and durable enough to be used every day. Thick, weighty fabric with a natural, vintage look makes this linen unlike the more common stonewashed table linens.

The raw organic colour derives its name from the French term meaning ‘unbleached’ typically used to refer to the light beige colour of natural raw linen and silk. Neither too pink nor too yellow, ecru is a true neutral. It creates the perfect base for layering and works well with almost any other colour or texture you choose to decorate your table with.

Our Belgian Linen range is inspired by the heavyweight linens of times gone by. The linen mill where our Belgian linen is manufactured has been weaving linen since 1858. Throughout the centuries they have been carefully preserving fabric samples woven in their mill. The aim of the current collection was to create a unique fabric inspired by the past and their heritage. Their inspiration came directly from the preserved fabric samples in their historical collection. The fabric is sturdy and tightly woven, but it has a soft, worn-in finish that gives it a vintage look. Above all, this fabric was designed to be a workhorse. Thick and weighty, it can withstand daily use and frequent washing and will only come out looking better. In fact, it really only starts to come into its own after the first wash. Every time it is washed it will acquire a slightly more lived-in look becoming more beautiful with every use. 

Our Belgian Linen range is made from the highest quality linen produced by a fifth generation run Belgian mill that has been weaving linen for almost two hundred years. They are committed to creating linen of exceptional quality using the most eco-friendly, sustainable production processes possible. Powered by the sun and the North Sea’s salty breeze, the mill is certified CO neutral. Their natural linen yarns are 100% compostable, woven with minimal impact, no chemical treatment, and zero waste as all flax by-products are re-used. The mill is one of only 6 weavers worldwide that have been awarded the ‘Belgian Linen’ certificate. This label guarantees that all their line is woven entirely in Belgium. Linen produced by weavers who carry this label receives a unique number making the origin of their linen transparent and traceable. The Belgian Linen certificate ensures traditional craftsmanship at the highest possible standard resulting in linen of exceptional quality and durability.


Set of two napkins.

Size: 56cm x 56cm.

Material: pure linen.

Made in Belgium.


Care instructions: linen is a living material. The more it is used and washed, the softer it will become. Your linen will only truly acquire its vintage look after the initial wash. That said, linen requires the right care and this can be different from other materials. Wash at 30°C on a wool or hand wash program. For more information on how to properly care for your line read our blog post


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