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The natural organic form is the defining characteristic of this simple, hand-built stoneware plate. Delicate and light and perfectly imperfect, each plate is hand-formed resulting in subtle variations from one item to the next. The plates are made from fine beige stoneware clay infused with ochre and covered in a thin layer of semi-matte, off-white glaze. This combination of ochre-coloured clay and off-white glaze gives the plates a beautiful soft grey appearanceThese small plates are delicate yet sturdy and perfect for serving a slice of cake or an afternoon snack.  

Designed and hand-built by Mathilde Martin in her Paris-based ceramics studio, each plate is unique owing to her hand-building process that prioritises freedom of form over forcing the clay into perfect uniformity.

From her bright, light-filled studio, nestled in a small courtyard in Paris, Mathilde creates beautiful objects using traditional techniques and her own distinct style. Opting for hand-building over the use of a wheel, Mathilde’s process allows her to be guided by the clay and the feel in her own hands rather than the mechanical turn of a ceramics wheel. Her method infuses her work with an organic quality that is distinctly handmade, prioritising the expression and variation in the unique qualities of form, clay and glaze. Her pieces are made using fine stoneware clay from Burgundy and her own custom formulated, non-toxic glazes.


Size: approximately 19cm in diameter though every piece is unique.

Material: Stoneware from burgundy and custom formulated, non-toxic and food-safe glaze.

Handmade in Paris, France  


Care: Dishwasher and microwave safe.