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A perfect lightweight mattress to cover safari daybeds, sofas, bed-ends or simply to stack on the floor for cosy lounging. 

A simple design is combined with the highest quality fabric in traditional stripes to create a feel that is at once modern and timeless. What makes this mattress stand out is its all natural kapok filling. Rather than using the synthetic fillers that are normally used to fill quilts and mattresses, the Kapok Safari Mattress is filled only with natural kapok fibres. Kapok is a soft, silky, natural and hypoallergenic fibre that comes from the fruit of the kapok tree. From the picking and shelling of Kapok to the weaving of the fabric, each Kapok Safari Mattress is made entirely by hand by skilled West African artisans.

Every aspect of these all natural mattresses has been crafted by hand within the Tensira workshop. The fabric is pure 100% cotton that has been hand-spun, hand-woven, and hand-dyed using a traditional loom within the Tensira workshop in West Africa. The highest level of craftsmanship makes Tensira fabrics durable and timeless, endowing them with a level of quality unmatched by mass-produced items.

Tensira was created by husband and wife team Tuulia and Hamidou. Inspired by Hamidou’s mother, a West African artisanal indigo dyer, Tuulia and Hamidou’s aim was to honour and celebrate the traditional crafting methods that the small West African town of Tensira has specialised in for centuries. Tensira creates the highest quality West African textiles while promoting Guinean handcraft and creating long-lasting employment for African craft communities. From start to finish, all Tensira products are made with care within their very own workshop. This ensures not only the highest quality of production but also fair wages and healthy, safe working conditions for all Tensira artisans and collaborators.

The perfect accompaniment for our Safari Daybed 

Mattress size: 185cm x 70cm 

Material: Pure handwoven cotton and natural Kapok fibre filling

Colour: Traditional stripes – alternating black and off-white stripes are framed by wider stripes of interwoven black and off-white fabric

Made by hand in West Africa in the Tensira workshop. 

Small irregularities in the fabric’s texture and slight variations in colour are characteristic of the artisanal techniques used to create these mattresses and are not a fault. 

Care: The mattresses are rolled and compressed in order to maximise transport efficiency. Once you receive them, you can open them, iron if necessary and lay them out flat. They will quickly return to their original shape. The straps that hold the mattress together are repurposed fabric off-cuts. Due to the nature of the Kapok fibre and to prevent shrinkage, the mattresses are suitable for dry cleaning only.  


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