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Sample: this is a brand-new item in perfect condition that was custom-made for us during the initial product selection phase of collaborating with the makers. It is a unique one of kind piece that was specifically made for us during a process of product finalisation. Made from naturally dyed handspun cotton, this throw is perfect for placing at the end of a bed. 

Each throw is made from naturally grown cotton by small-scale farmers in a little village in Northern Thailand. These small scale, family-run farms employ minimal water usage and no pesticides in their production methods focusing instead on more traditional and natural farming techniques.


Size: 94cm x 200cm (212cm including tassels).

Materials: Handspun cotton and cotton weft.

Handwoven in Thailand.

Our handspun pieces come with all the small unevenness and variations in colour, texture, size and finish that are the embodiment of handmade fabrics. These items will not display the perfect uniformity of factory mass-production and variations from one piece to the next as well as small imperfections are not faults.


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