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Vintage Decorative Wooden Vase / Himachal

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A choice of two aged Vintage Indian Himachal historically used for carrying water. The wood is beautifully aged and each vase comes with the weathered rope used for carrying the Himachal. These vases look beautiful as a pair.


Vase 1:  30cm, 13cm dia (7.5cm dia opening).

Vase 2:  28cm, 12cm dia (6.5cm dia opening).



Please be advised that all items in our Vintage and Collected Collection are second-hand pieces which means that they may have had significant previous use. Marks, stains, bumps, dents and wear that are cosmetic are part of the nature of vintage pieces and are therefore not recognised as defects. Only items where the function of the piece is impacted will be considered damaged. All cosmetic marks and signs of wear are part of the natural character of vintage pieces. If you are not comfortable with used or worn pieces our standard collection may be more appealing.

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