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A simple hand forged copper kitchen rail with delicately pinched ends and curved tips on either side that create a decorative element that is subtle and timeless yet interesting enough to make it eye-catching.

Each rail is handcrafted in the Navarini workshop which is overseen by master craftsman Pierino Navarini and is the working place of three generations of skilled craftsmen working side by side to create functional objects of beauty. Whether it is the quality of the copper used, the quality of the craftsmanship applied or the quality of the painstaking process of making every item by hand, the Navarini family embody the spirit of true craftsmanship preserving traditional skills and know-how while demonstrating that there can be no shortcuts for quality or substitutes for handmade craftsmanship.

Perfect for hanging kitchen utensils or dishcloths. With time the rail will develop a unique patina making it all the more beautiful. However, should you prefer the shimmer of polished copper rather than an aged patina, you can polish the rail to preserve its sheen.


Dimensions: 50cm (L), 2.5cm (H)  2.5cm(space between rail and hanging bar)

Material: pure, unvarnished copper.

Comes with 2 aged brass screws.


Care: Hand wash. The copper can be polished with a soft wet cloth and vinegar, lemon or dishwashing liquid though we find that the beautiful patina that develops over time is precisely what gives this rail its unique charm. 

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