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Centred around the idea that things of value take time and care to create, our homewares store is rooted in a slower, more thoughtful approach to homemaking. We offer timeless pieces, made from natural materials that contribute to creating warm and comforting interiors. Our holistic approach to homemaking and the products we select for our store considers aesthetics, function and feeling as part of one inseparable whole.


Our Story

From humble beginnings at our kitchen table in London to our move into the Ellei Studio in Edinburgh, our store has slowly and mindfully grown and evolved to reflect our considered design philosophy as well as our values. 



We value a slower, more thoughtful approach to homemaking. Inspired by visionary architects and designers such as Christopher Alexander and Ilse Crawford, for whom the lived human experience lies at the centre of good design, our approach to
homemaking is thoughtful and intentional. 



Our Products

 We handpick products that contribute to creating thoughtful, calming spaces. Specialising in natural materials and a soft, muted colour pallet, our pieces are selected not only for their aesthetic value but also for the stories of process, material and maker that can infuse everyday objects with a value beyond aesthetics alone. Our selection is tied together by quality, simplicity, craftsmanship and the ability to stand out with the ebb and flow of passing trends.

Our products are sourced from around the world and are made predominantly by hand. From the skill of traditional craftspeople handed down through generations to the dedication and artistry practised by individual artisans, we see value in preserving the human tradition of production. We also see a unique kind of beauty in handmade objects that stems from the idiosyncrasies inherent in the handmaking process. Irregular weave patterns in handwoven fabrics or the unique colours that result from hand-dying techniques infuse objects with a soulful warmth that is difficult to recreate in mass production.

Each piece in our store has passed through our hands. We know our products intimately because we live with them in our daily lives. This unique approach to our product selection allows us to offer a very personal form of customer service. Discover our soulful homewares and the rich stories that come with objects made by hand here.

Our Values

We believe that the slow and mindful investment of care and attention, over time, adds up to creating something worthwhile. Rather than using terms like ethical or sustainable, we strive to incorporate our values for a considered approach to life into all aspects of how we run our business.

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Our Logo

Throughout history symbolism and ornament have gone hand in hand and many traditional decorative elements were used not only to decorate but also to convey meaning. The Ellei Home logo draws inspiration from the rich and unique history of our beautiful studio space.

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We believe that one of the most valuable ways we can help you make decisions you will be satisfied with is through offering rich and useful information. Our journal entries offer in-depth insights into our design philosophy and values while at the same time showcasing detailed images of our products in use.

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Our studio is the beating heart of what we do. This is where we take most of our images, write our blog posts, ship your orders from, learn and develop new ideas, and experiment in order to evolve. Located in Edinburgh’s historic New Town area, we occupy the first floor of a former church hall and offices. 

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