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Made by hand, each broom is skilfully assembled one at a time by craftsmen from the Wakayama Prefecture in Japan. Forming part of the cultural heritage of Wakamaya Prefecture, these traditional brooms have a long history dating back several hundred years. All natural shuro palm bark is prepared and bound together by craftsmen of Yamamoto Katsunosuke Shoten, one of just a few remaining broom makers who have been making these functional tools since the Edo period in Japan. 

Shuro bark is particularly well suited for broom making. Its fine, flexible fibres are tough and highly durable yet soft and elastic. Originally used to clean fire stoves and fireplaces, the durability and thoroughness of this cleaning tool has ensured that it is now the popular choice for a variety of cleaning uses from sweeping cars and wooden windowsills to removing pet hair from delicate furniture. Natural bristle brushes such as our shuro palm hand broom, have been used by craftspeople throughout the centuries as they are extremely effective at removing dust and debris and yet soft enough not to damage delicate and precious surfaces. We love using this broom for the somewhat tricky work of removing dust from plants, especially large leaves such as those on a ficus. 


Full length of broom: approx. 20cm.

This is a handmade product so the exact size from one product to the next will vary. 

Material: Shuro (palm bark) and copper.

Care: These brooms are designed to last a long time if cared for properly. The natural fibres of the palm bark can withstand contact with water, however, the broom should always be thoroughly wicked and hung to dry. The broom will last longest if hung using the loop attached to the handle which ensures that the brush fibres can breathe and are most likely to retain their shape.