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A robust scrubbing brush designed for heavy-duty scrubbing of a variety of non-delicate surfaces from pots and pans to stone floors. Made from oil treated maple wood and all natural bristles the scrubbing brush is finished with a wooden knob handle that makes it easy to hold and use. The strong and water-resistant bristles are made from a mixture of all natural Tampico fibre and dried Sago palm leaves. The mixture of fibres makes this brush particularly strong and hardwearing.

Manufactured by Iris Hantverk of Sweden, who have been working with visually impaired craftsmen for decades. With a focus on natural materials and a deep appreciation for the hand-making process, Iris Hantverk’s core focus is on designing and crafting handmade brushes for daily use. With a small brush works in Stockholm where six visually impaired craftsmen from different cultures work to craft brushes by hand and a close collaboration with visually impaired craftsmen in Estonia, Iris Hantverk is deeply rooted in the union of natural materials with the traditional craftsmanship and care of the visually impaired artisans.

Material: Oiled maple wood, Tampico fibre and Sago palm.

Comes in a choice of two sizes:

Small: 9cm (dia) x 7cm (h)

Large: 12.5cm (dia) x 9.5cm (h)

Care: wash brush out after use and allow it to dry bristle side down. This will prevent water from pooling near the wood and damaging it. If the brush has food remnants between the bristles, fill up one of the now clean dishes you were washing with water and shake the brush vigorously in the water dislodge the food remnants.