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Our pillowslips are made from beautiful, soft pure Belgian linen. Made from exceptional quality fabric, crafted to the highest standards in a historic Belgian linen mill, these timeless pillow covers are designed to last.

Our lightweight yet sturdy linen is breathable, temperature regulating and hypoallergenic making it the most wonderful fabric to sleep in. Like all quality linen, this bedding will only become softer and more comfortable the more it is used and lived in.

Our bed linen collection has been put together with a lot of thought. You can read about the intention behind our bedding selection hereSelected to provide a timeless, neutral base from which to layer colour and texture, our white linen bedding will never go out of style making it the perfect bedroom staple.

Produced by a fifth-generation family-run Belgian mill that has been weaving linen for almost two hundred years, our Belgian linen range is expertly crafted and designed to last. The mill has been weaving the highest quality linen for centuries and is committed to creating linen using the most eco-friendly, sustainable production processes possible. Powered by the sun and the North Sea’s salty breeze, the mill is certified CO2 neutral. Their natural linen yarns are 100% compostable, woven with minimal impact, no chemical treatment, and zero waste as all flax by-products are re-used. Our producers are one of only 6 weavers worldwide that have been awarded the ‘Belgian Linen’ certificate. This label guarantees that all their linen is woven entirely in Belgium. Linen produced by weavers who carry this label receives an original certificate and a unique number making the origin of their linen transparent and traceable. The Belgian Linen certificate ensures traditional craftsmanship at the highest possible standard resulting in linen of exceptional quality and durability.


Our Belgian linen pillow covers come in a set of two.



Pillowslips with envelope closure: 50 cm x 75 cm, 19.6" x 29.5"

Please allow for some variation in the above stated sizes and note that the colour of this linen will fade slightly over time. If you would prefer your linen not to change with time, we recommend purchasing our pure white linen pillowslip sets. 

Material: 100% pre-washed Belgian linen.

Made in Belgium.


Care instructions: Linen is a living material. The more it is used and washed, the softer it will become. That said, linen requires the right care and this can be different from other materials. Wash at 30°C on a gentle cycle. Find out more about how to properly care for your linen so that it lasts for generations here

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