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Handspun Merino wool is loomed into the softest blankets that are tactile and comforting. Slightly lighter than our Textured  Merino Wool Blanket our Tasseled Merino Wool Blankets are finished with a 'plain' weave and hand-knotted tassels. Unlike the often scratchy or rough sensation of regular wool, Merino wool fibres have a smaller diameter making them extremely soft and perfect for use in textiles that have direct skin contact.

The soft natural colour is achieved using a botanical dyeing process carried out entirely by hand. The blanket obtains its caramel colour from a natural dying process that involves the use of onion skins to dye the wool. This natural process means that the colour has variation throughout adding depth and character through streaks of caramel tones. 

While the quality of material and craftsmanship is undeniable, what makes these blankets truly special is the story behind their making process. Made with the utmost care for the environment, Claudia Rosillo of Texturable Décor, used to design and hand-weave every single blanket in a small studio in her garden overlooking the Atlantic Ocean in Uruguay. While her small business has grown since then, her caring hand is still involved in every single stage of the production process. 

Almost all of the wool used in her production comes from sheep raised at her grandfather’s farm, ‘Las Moras’. The sheep at Las Moras are free-range, feeding on naturally grown grass, resulting in beautiful, organic merino wool. Claudia is involved with every aspect of production from caring for the sheep and overseeing sheering to the design and weaving of her blankets. While she used to spin and weave all her blankets herself, with time she has gained the help of five rural craftswomen who now help to spin the fabric and weave the blankets. While Pola and Pabla use traditional hand-spinning techniques to spin the wool, Marita, Lucia and Andrea work on handmade wooden looms to craft the finished product. Their process uses no electricity relying instead on the craft and skill involved in traditional artisanal production techniques handed down for generations.

Claudia’s care and involvement with every step of the production process is what makes these blankets so special. Her connection to her land and her animals gives her intimate knowledge of her craft and process to an extent seldom preserved in modern, large-scale production. The natural and traditional methods used to make these blankets, along with the incredible softness of the organic wool is why these have become our favourite item for cooler evenings cosily spent at home.


Due to the handmade nature of this item, please allow for variance in size and colour.

Standard size: 94 cm x 190 cm.


Material: hand-spun, handwoven, and hand-dyed Merino wool.

Hand-made in small batches in Uruguay.

Care: Hand wash in neutral soap or dry clean. Do not use a dryer and dry flat. To ensure that this wonderful, quality item can stay in use for years to come, please read and follow our detailed care instructions.

If you are interested in purchasing this product and would like to have a sample of the wool, please get in touch.