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There is nothing quite like this kettle out there. Hand-crafted with the utmost care for every functional detail, the warm copper used to make this kitchen tool will preserve the trace of each use, becoming as unique as the home it resides in. 

The soft, curved lines of its body are finished with a handle that can be moved to one side to allow water to fill the kettle. A gently curved spout leads to an opening that has been crafted to let just the right amount of water pour out. Its minimalist silhouette has been polished to a matte finish that demonstrates the beauty of simplicity in its purest form. The surface of each kettle is initially covered with a wax coating, but as this coating wears off, the kettle will begin to develop a rich dark patina unique to the way it is used. 

Beautifully made by Azmaya, a collective hailing from Tokyo that collaborates with designers, artisans, and small manufacturers to create contemporary versions of Japanese design classics for daily life. This particular kettle is crafted in the Niigata prefecture in Japan and the handcrafting process can result in subtle variations and unique characteristics individual to each item.

Thoughtfully conceived, elegantly designed and impeccably crafted, this heirloom-quality item transforms the daily task of making tea and coffee into a ritual to be savoured.

Our copper kettle can be used on any style of cooking surface except induction.

Size: 18cm D x 15cm H (24cm with handle) - holds 2.18 litres.

Materials: 100% pure copper with a thin nickel lining.

Handcrafted in Japan.

The final 3 image show the copper kettle after several years of use, having developed its beautiful, rich patina.

Care and use: always fill the kettle to prevent scorching the interior surface. Never heat an empty vessel. Hand wash with soap. Polish with a copper cleaner or lemon and vinegar to remove tarnish if desired, but we prefer ours to patina and age with grace. 

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