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Handcrafted Brass Ball Dish

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A delightful handmade small brass dish with four decorative spheres attached to opposing sides. The dish can be used as a salt or spice dish with our Brass Spice Spoon or as a resting base for our Handmade Brass Tea Strainer. Made entirely by hand using the finest quality Japanese brass, this pretty little dish looks beautiful on open shelving.

Handcrafted by Nikkei Misae in Japan, using the ancient technique of lost wax casting, where the intricate details of her designs are first carved in wax before the finished cutlery is poured in brass. With a background in jewellery making Nikkei Misae began experimenting with making cutlery during lockdown. At a time when eating out in restaurants was restricted, she began using her skills as a jeweller to craft handmade pieces of the kind found in high-end restaurants. By crafting her own eating utensil, Nikkei found that she could create the atmosphere of a special occasion even within the confines of her home. Cutlery has since become her bread and butter, making up the majority of the items she crafts.

Size: 4.9cm dia, 0.8cm tall.


Material: 100% Japanese brass.

Handcrafted in Kyoto, Japan.

Care: wash by hand and dry thoroughly immediately after washing to prevent uneven marks from building up on the brass.


Due to the handmade nature of these pieces, variations in size and detail are to be expected as part of the artisanal handcrafting production process.