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A natural alternative to a synthetic sponge, these durable yet gentle brushes are the perfect all-around cleaning tool. Made from bark from the windmill palm, these traditional Japanese scrubbing brushes, known as Tawashi, are a traditional staple in many Japanese households.

Despite their appearance, these brushes are softer than they look making them suitable for a variety of uses from gently scrubbing fruits and vegetables to cleaning pots and pans. The tough palm fibres ensure exceptional durability and make these brushes a natural alternative that will outlast synthetic sponges. The scouring ability of the tough, natural bristles means that a little washing up liquid or soap can go a long way. Each brush comes with a hanging loop for easy hanging and drying when not in use. 

Handcrafted in Japan by Takada, each Tawashi brush is made by skilled artisans who have been making windmill palm, otherwise known as shuro, brushes and brooms in the Takada workshop for over 70 years.

Made using traditional techniques honed over centuries and crafted from carefully selected palm bark, each brush is made using the highest quality materials. The shuro palm bark is harvested from trees grown using organic farming methods in the Wakayama Prefecture in Japan. No chemicals such as pesticides or disinfectants are used on the trees during this process.

Takada’s aim is to preserve the traditional shuro palm industry within Japan as well as the unique techniques of superior craftsmen which have been passed down for generations.


Ideas for use:

Small brush: a sponge alternative for washing glasses. Great for scrubbing root vegetables.

Medium brush: as a scouring brush and sponge alternative for scrubbing pots and pans, especially well suited for cleaning cast iron dishes due to the tough but gentle nature of the bristles. Perfect for washing wooden cutting boards and cleaning sieves and graters as the pointed bristles are ideally suited for getting into small holes and cleaning along the grain of wooden surfaces. 

Large brush: for cleaning plant pots or for general use around the house or garden. For cleaning kitchen and bathroom sinks, showers, and showerheads. 


Size: small: 7cm x  9cm

        medium: 8cm x 10cm 

        large: 8.5cm x 13cm

Material: natural shuro (windmill) palm bark.

Crafted in Japan.

Care: Since they are made of natural material fine fibres may fall out in the early stages of use. Wash carefully with soap or washing up liquid before the first use. Shake vigorously after every use and hang to dry.