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Some objects are functional, others are beautiful, and others still come with a wonderful backstory. Our brass coffee pour over is all three.  

Designed by David Sutton this pour over stand has a warming story behind how it came into being. Back in 2013 when David’s wife, a schoolteacher, used to spend her mornings struggling to get her large coffee-to-go mug to fit under their coffee maker, David decided to craft a more flexible and more beautiful one for her. Driven by the desire to craft something practical and attractive he designed an adjustable coffee stand with a laboratory-style handle that could be lowered or raised with minimal effort to fit a wide variety of cup sizes and decanters.

Years later his creation has become somewhat of a design classic among coffee lovers the world over. Initially, David handmade all of the pour overs himself in his workshop in Colorado. With time, as the demand for his beautifully crafted coffee makers grew, David began to work with a brass foundry and woodworker to accommodate the growing demand. Even today each stand is still handcrafted in Colorado.

While the pour over design was inspired by his wife’s daily challenge, David’s expertise in coffee grew from a desire to do good. His travels through countries like Guatemala allowed him to witness first-hand the difference that a crop like coffee, especially speciality-grade coffee, can have on the lives of the farmers and their communities. He linked up with two farms, one in Laos and one in the Dominican Republic, and founded his Colorado-based coffee roastery called The Coffee Registry in 2011. Roasting the speciality coffee beans in small batch David ran his entire operation solo, making pour-overs, roasting beans and delivering his freshly roasted coffee by bike.

While his business has grown a little since then the same level of care and thoughtfulness for product, people, and planet still go into the crafting of every single product including our beautiful Brass Pour Over Stand.

This little kitchen masterpiece is handcrafted from solid brass and American walnut. It comes with a Hario* V60 heat-proof borosilicate glass dripper that is weighty and perfectly designed to hold in heat. It looks perfect on the kitchen countertop but most importantly, it brews the most delicious cup of coffee.



base is approx. 14cm x 18cm.

approx. height 30cm.

inside ring diameter 7.5cm.


Handmade in Colorado, USA

Material: Glass, brass and American walnut

Instructions on how to brew the perfect coffee can be found here. 


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