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Made by hand using natural materials, these gorgeous lampshades are delightfully simple yet completely striking. Inspired by the magic of traditional lanterns these lights become the focal point of any room they are hung in, creating a relaxed and natural yet magical atmosphere.

Made with a reverence for traditional craft and global artisanal craftsmanship the lampshades are made using natural materials local to the craftspeople who create them. With a simple bamboo frame covered in recycled cotton these shades are a beautiful marriage between natural materials and handcraft skills.


Bamboo frame:

The frames for the lampshades are made using dark bamboo that is both grown and hand-crafted in a region of China rich in this incredibly fast-growing natural material. The small handicraft business, consisting of around 20 employees, who live and work together in the same compound, is run by a former staff member who aspires to preserve the dwindling traditional hand-crafting arts from being lost entirely.


Cotton cover:

The ethereal cotton cloth that is wrapped around the bamboo frame is handmade in Bangladesh by a company called Hand Touch who support rural craftspeople, helping to lift them out of poverty while simultaneously reinvigorating the rich Bangladeshi textile tradition. Hand Touch supports rural people (at least 50% of whom are women) by offering work local to the Panchagarh district allowing these weavers to stay in their own villages rather than having to move to bigger cities for work. The cotton used to make the lampshades is created from yarn made from discarded textiles remnants from local garment industries. These remnants are recycled into yarn which is then woven into delicate cotton fabric on traditional handlooms. The result is a simple and unassuming cloth that wraps around the frame to create a delicate and ethereal cover for the bamboo frame.



Two sizes:

Large: 96 cm (H) x 67cm (Dia)

Small: 56 cm (H) x 41 cm (Dia)


Cotton wrap made in Bangladesh

Bamboo frame made in China


Comes with a ceramic pendant with a screw-in bulb attachment (bulb not included) and black cord and ceiling rose.

These products are entirely made by hand using natural materials. As part of this artisanal craft production process please expect slight variations in size, fabric colour and finish.

The lantern lampshades only ship to the UK as standard. For international orders please contact or if you make a purchase, we will contact you with a quote for the shipping cost should this be higher than the standard shipping rate quoted at checkout. 

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