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We love simple, versatile pieces of furniture made using only natural materials in a style designed to withstand the test of time. This packable daybed can serve a variety of functions from daybed to sofa to temporary guest bed. Transitioning seamlessly from indoor to outdoor lounging, the portable design and its lightweight frame allow the safari daybed to move from living room to garden.

Made from only three components: sustainably sourced beechwood, natural flax linen and sisal rope, this daybed assembles easily without the requirement of any screws or tools and can be taken apart as quickly as it is put together. Folded into the accompanying linen canvas bag, the daybed and its components measure only 14cm in diameter and weigh 9kg, making it easy to transport from one location to another or move from indoor to outdoor use.

In 1962, Ole Gjerlov-Knudsen designed the Safari Daybed so that his son, suffering from a cold, would not have to sleep on the cold, bare floor during an upcoming camping trip. The beauty, simplicity and functionality of his clever design mean that his creation has stood the test of time; over four decades later the safari daybed is still a firm favourite among design-focused individuals and has become a modern design classic.

Combine our Safari Daybed with our Kapok Safari Daybed Mattresses (available in three fabrics) to use as a daybed or guest bed. Add our Extra Large Handwoven Cotton Cushion Covers (also available in three fabrics) and lean against a wall to serve as an additional sofa.


Size: 35cm (H), 80cm (W), 200cm (L).

Material: Beechwood, Flax Linen Canvas and Sisal Rope.

Made in Poland from wood sourced exclusively from Europe.


Care: wipe wood with a damp cloth to clean. Flax linen canvas should be dry-cleaned only to prevent the fabric from shrinking and discolouring.


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