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Pallares Solsona Knife Care Instructions


Our Pallares Solson Knives are built to last. If cared for properly, these knives should withstand daily use for decades. However, the Pallares Solsona knives are a little different from stainless steel knives and need to be cared for differently too. 



The blades on our Pallares Solson knives are made from Carbon Steel rather than stainless steel. Carbon steel is the preferred metal of choice for many professional chefs because it can be sharpened to a finer point, offers more precision, is easier to sharpen and will hold its edge for longer than stainless steel.

Over time the carbon steel blade will start to oxidise and develop a visible patina. This patina shows up in the form of blue/grey marks on the blade that will become stronger and stronger over the years. It is also common for the carbon steel pin in the handle of the knives to colour the wood surrounding it as a result of this oxidation process. The staining on the blade or the handle is not a fault in the knife but the natural reaction of carbon steel to being used. We would urge customers not to look at these transformations as imperfections but instead, view them as an inherent rustic characteristic of this material. The oxidised patina will ultimately protect the carbon steel blade against rust making it more resistant with time and use.



The blue, grey, dark brown or even purple stains that form the natural oxidation patina on carbon steel are a desired property of this type of metal. However, rust stains are not and must therefore be avoided and removed when they do appear. Rust stains show up as reddish copper flecks on the blades and it is essential to prevent rust from forming on your blade in order to ensure longevity and proper functioning.



In order to prevent rust from forming, it is essential to clean and dry the blade immediately after every use. Unlike stainless steel, carbon steel can begin to rust within minutes of being left wet or in contact with food remnants especially acidic ones such as the juices from fruits and vegetables. A carbon steel blade must never be left wet on the counter as it will rust. Equally, the carbon steel knives can not be put in the dishwasher as they will begin to rust. 

The proper care for carbon steel blades involves washing them by hand using dishwashing liquid, a brush or sponge and water and drying them immediately after being washed. The knives should also be wiped dry in between uses when in contact with liquids, especially fruit juice, in order to prevent rusting. The blades should also be regularly oiled with a good quality blade oil 



If left wet for any length of time, carbon steel blades will begin to rust. If your knife has acquired rust stains you should remove these as soon as possible. To remove the rust from your blade squeeze some lemon juice directly onto the blade and scrub them clean with a scouring brush or sponge. Once the rust stains have been removed wash the blade with dishwashing liquid and wipe completely dry using a dishcloth.

We hope you will enjoy using these unique blades and all the benefits they offer for years to come.