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Made from a blend of hemp and organic cotton, these Bento bags were designed with the intention of helping us to phase out single-use disposable plastic packaging. Inspired by the Bento box and the wider Japanese tradition of making the everyday necessity of eating lunch into a beautiful ritual, these versatile wrapping bags make packing, transporting and storing food and other small items a little more enjoyable and far more environmentally friendly. 

Designed and created by Ambatalia for a non-disposable approach to the tasks of daily life. Ambatalia’s philosophy encourages a more considered way of living and aims to inspire joy in change through ethically made textile goods that help us to bypass single-use disposable packaging. Ambatalia nudges us towards considering how our daily choices impact the world we live in from the companies we buy our goods from to how we carry out everyday tasks like eating packed lunch to buying and transporting food. This pursuit is less about ‘perfection’ and more about building a deep awareness and implementing the change we wish to see through small, compounding actions. Ambatalia aims to inspire thoughtful living while helping us find pleasure in daily rituals.

All Ambatalia textiles are sustainably crafted in California using only 100% natural, sustainable materials such as organic cotton, unprocessed linen and recycled and reclaimed fabrics.  Created by Molly De Vries, each product is thoughtfully designed with both function and a timeless aesthetic in mind. Molly prides herself in being part of the slow movement where quality, ethical and sustainable production and the joy in daily rituals are a priority.

Our Bento bags come in a set of three different sizes and have as many uses as you can think of. We’ve included a few suggestions below but don’t let this short list put a limit on your resourcefulness.

Ideas for use:

  • Replacing plastic packaging in the supermarket for grains, nuts, small fruit and vegetables, etc.
  • A snack bag or lunch bag
  • Cosmetic bag
  • Bread bag for the table or to replace disposable packaging
  • Wine bag for carrying wine to friend’s houses
  • Knitting bag
  • Small market bag

The best way to ensure you get the most use out of these eco-friendly bags is to keep one or more in your bag or car. If you keep the Bento bags to hand, the opportunities to use them will continue to present themselves.


Comes as a set of three bags in the following sizes (one of each):

Small: 25cm x 7.5cm x 24cm 
Medium: 27cm x 12cm x  25.5cm
Large: 33.5cm x 17.5cm x 40.5

Material: 55% hemp, 45% organic cotton.

Designed thoughtfully and manufactured ethically in California.

Care: All Ambatalia products have been designed to accommodate shrinkage while using hot water. While the fabrics can handle a warm wash and tumble dry on low heat, we recommend a cool water cycle and line drying which are more environmentally friendly and preserve the fabrics for a longer life.

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