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The simplicity in form of these striking canisters allows the exceptional quality of material and craftsmanship to take centre stage. The softly curving silhouette, polished to a matte finish, demonstrates the beauty in simplicity in its purest form.

In addition to the outer seal, each canister comes with a fitted inner lid finished with a brass pull handle. The double lid design creates an airtight seal making the canisters perfectly suited for protecting coffee and tea leaves from humidity. And while the copper canisters are ideal for keeping tea and coffee fresh, they can also be used for storing anything from herbs and spices to grains and nuts. 

Hand-crafted with the utmost care for every detail, each canister is finished with a protective wax coating which will gradually wear away with time and use. As the protective coating fades, each canister will begin to develop its own unique patina that will only become richer and more even the more it is used.

Beautifully made by Azmaya, a collective hailing from Tokyo that collaborates with designers, artisans, and small manufacturers to create contemporary versions of Japanese design classics for daily life. Azmaya’s simple, clean take on traditional tableware has granted them a prestigious standing in Japan’s high-end craft industry. 



Medium: 7.7 cm (D), 9.2 cm (H).

Large: 8.7 cm (D), 9.2 cm (H).

Materials: Pure copper with a thin tin lining and brass handle.

Handcrafted in Japan.


Care and use: Hand wash with soapy water. Polish with a copper cleaner or lemon and vinegar to remove tarnish if desired, but we prefer to leave ours to patina and age with grace. 

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