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A simple delicate condiment spoon that combines the natural beauty of black walnut wood with skilled artisanal craftsmanship to create a feather-light serving utensil perfect for scooping and spreading honey, jam or chutneys. Each spoon is made from a piece of carefully selected black walnut that comes pre-finished with a handmade blend of natural mineral oil and organic beeswax.

Designed and handmade by Joseph Huebscher in his workshop in Tennessee, our condiment spoons are made in small batches and come with a unique story of material and process.

Joseph collects most of the wood for his work from unwanted trees that have fallen or been taken down around his neighbourhood and occasionally uses wood sourced from a local lumber yard or salvaged from old pieces of furniture. His preference is to work with wood that is unusual or not commercially available and he has been collecting carefully selected pieces of wood for years. Joseph first started working with wood alongside his father as a young boy during the long Southern summers in Tennessee. After several tornados came through the town he had grown up in and the winds blew down trees all around him, Joseph and his father decided to acquire a small sawmill and put the wood to work rather than let it go to waste. Though every batch of wood he uses has a unique story, much of the material for his projects comes from wood that would otherwise have simply gone to waste. 

The pieces of wood used to create our Hand Carved Condiment Spoons have a distinct story of origin. The Sweetgum Co. workshop was built on land that used to belong to an old Southern farmhouse. Abandoned for years, the garden of the farmhouse was full of black walnut trees. When the farmhouse was eventually taken over by a new owner many of these beautiful trees were cut down. The large black walnut logs were taken away by a mill, but the remaining unwanted smaller logs have been transformed into our spoons, spatulas, coffee scoops and these condiment spoons.

Grown so near his home and workshop, Joseph has skilfully transformed these unwanted pieces of black walnut into our beautiful condiment spoons infusing them with new life.


Due to the handmade nature of these items, spoon sizes can vary slightly.

Size: 20cm (L).

Handle: 13.5cm (L).


Material: Black Walnut.

Handmade in Tennessee.


Care: To maintain your spoon's beauty and functionality for years to come follow our care instructions and oil from time to time with a high-quality cutting board oil or homemade board butter.

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