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Simple copper stacking cups traditionally made by hand in the northern Italian mountains. Crafted with care and attention by skilled copper craftsmen, their simple silhouette has a brushed matte surface and a curved rim making them particularly comfortable to drink from. With a gently tapered body and unvarnished copper surface, these cups can be stored away on open shelving making them beautiful decorative items as well as practical drinking receptacles. 

Each cup is handcrafted in the Navarini workshop which is overseen by master craftsman Pierino Navarini and is the working place of three generations of skilled craftsmen working side by side to create functional objects of beauty. Whether it is the quality of the copper used, the quality of the craftsmanship applied or the quality of the painstaking process of making every item by hand, the Navarini family embody the spirit of true craftsmanship preserving traditional skills and know-how while demonstrating that there can be no shortcuts for quality or substitutes for handmade craftsmanship.

Perfect for adding a little glimmer to your table on special occasions, the Hand Forged Copper Stacking Cups dress the table beautifully and create the kind of warm welcoming atmosphere that makes guests want to stay around the table well into the night. We like to use them for cold water on warm summer nights. The thermal conductivity of copper makes these cups perfectly suited for serving iced water as it ensures the water stays cooler for longer. Over time each cup will develop its own unique patina making it all the more beautiful. However, should you prefer the shimmer of polished copper rather than the aged patina that builds up over time, you can clean the cups in order to preserve their sheen.


Dimensions: 11cm (H), 8cm (D)  - holds 450ml. 

Material: pure, unvarnished copper.




Care: Hand wash. The copper can be polished with a soft wet cloth and vinegar, lemon or dishwashing liquid though we find that the beautiful patina that develops over time is precisely what gives these cups their unique charm. 

Note: our Hand Forged Copper Stacking Cups are not suitable for hot or acidic drinks. These cups are perfect when used as water vessels, flower vases or decorative containers for paintbrushes, pencils, makeup brushes, etc. 

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