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These towels are timeless kitchen staples, each one decorated with a practical hanging loop. The midweight linen fabric in our beautiful pale golden brown tone called Hay is absorbent and durable enough to withstand daily use for years

Handcrafted in the Veneto region of Italy, our handmade linen collection is a true reflection of artisanal craftsmanship. Veneto is a region where small craftsmanship-based businesses and artisanal skills have been flourishing for centuries. With the highest number of registered companies in Italy, every corner and many homes have a small business operating from their own backyard. 

Each piece from our handmade linen collection is hand-cut, sewn and dyed by skilled craftspeople using a unique dying method that results in a finish that is impossible to replicate using mass-production methods. The nature of these handcrafted items means they come with small idiosyncrasies characteristic of objects made by human hands. From small irregularities and variations in size to slight differences in shade within the same colour, these qualities are precisely what make our handmade linen unique and infuse each piece with character.


Size: 60cm x 75cm.
Materials: 100% linen.
Handmade in Veneto, Italy.
For best results, wash at 30°, using gentle detergent, containing no bleach. Please wash matching colours together to maintain a uniform appearance. Our crushed linen does not need ironing, however, if you wish to iron, the linen should be slightly damp for best results. 

Due to the handmade nature of these items please expect small variations in size and colour tones. These are not faults but beautiful, characteristic signs of traditional and handmade production techniques that have been handed down for generations.