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Pure copper threads are bound into a palm-sized scouring pad perfect for tough scrubbing. Although these copper scrubbers were created with kitchen cleaning in mind, they are also ideal for any other form of cleaning where a gentle yet thorough clean is required. Use them for scrubbing pots and pans, for polishing sinks or glass, for cleaning burnt in grime from stoves, for removing layers of rust from cutlery or for thorough yet gentle cleaning of cars, bikes or motorcycles.

Made from a double layer of pure copper these copper mesh scrubbers are strong and long-lasting. Copper is a soft metal making it the perfect scrubbing tool that is hard enough to remove old or burnt in stains while being soft enough to not scratch delicate surfaces. These copper scrubbers have been created with the environment in mind: not only are they long lasting, they are also machine washable which ensures you can use them for longer without needing to replace them. Once no longer in use, they are 100% recyclable making them the perfect eco-cleaning tool.

Designed and handcrafted in a small family owned brushworks in North Rhine-Westphalia. Redecker Brushworks was established in 1935 by Friedrich Redecker who, after becoming blind at the age of four, mastered the artisan craft of brush making to ultimately produce some of the finest brushes and cleaning tools we have ever encountered. Today, under the care of the third successive generation, Redecker is one of the last remaining artisanal brush house factories in Germany. Using natural, thoughtfully sourced materials, Redecker combine artisanal craft with beautiful design and perfect functionality.


Set of 2 copper scrubbers

Size: approx. 9cm

Use: use these scrubbers to gently clean most surfaces apart from Teflon or other similar surfaces. Always use in wet conditions only.

Cleaning: for everyday cleaning, rinse under warm water. For deep cleaning, machine wash at 60 °C

100% recyclable once no longer in use.