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Handwoven Organic Cotton Towels

Handwoven Organic Cotton Towels

Quality, craftsmanship and longevity are central to our product curation. This uncompromising focus means that we often spend months or even years searching for the right product, made properly using only natural materials. While the long search can be frustrating, the feeling of finally finding exactly what we are looking for is immensely rewarding. 

We want to offer items made from natural materials that harness the beauty of traditional craftsmanship to create products that are beautiful decorative pieces as well as useful, functional tools for daily life.

After nearly two years of searching, we are so excited to offer you precisely what we have been looking for: the highest quality, traditionally handcrafted organic cotton bath towels.

Our towels are different from factory-produced towels in several notable ways.

The “looping technique” which has become synonymous with modern towels was invented by Ottoman weavers in the late 17th Century transforming the comfort and absorbency of towels forever. Ottoman weavers practised and preserved these skills for centuries, handing them down from mother to child and sustaining small family businesses for decades. Over the last 40 years, due to modern mass-production, these traditional skills have all but disappeared from Turkish villages and with them a craft that had been practiced for centuries.

Unlike most modern-day terry towels, our organic cotton towels are woven by hand on traditional shuttle looms preserving these time-honoured techniques and encouraging their re-integration in modern Turkish family-run businesses.

They are made using unbleached cotton thread, preserving the beautiful Ecru colour of natural organic cotton. The strength and integrity of this natural material, undamaged by over-processing, slowly and skilfully woven into the finished product ensures that these towels will outlast factory-produced ones by years.

Unlike mass produced towels, because of their minimal processing, our organic cotton towels benefit from a slow breaking in process in order to reach their high absorbency potential. Once you receive your towels you can train them to be super-absorbent by soaking them in cold water for 24 hours. This process slowly and delicately teaches the cotton how to absorb water properly while preserving the softness and integrity of the unbleached organic cotton.

Made using only 100% GOTS certified organic cotton that is grown and woven in Turkey, our towels are hand-finished the traditional way with simple hand-knotted tassels. Available in a choice of three uniquely woven finishes (plain, dotted and striped) which look beautiful as a matching set or mixed and matched to create texture and interest.

The slow process of hand-weaving (done by skilled, human hands) and the subsequent slow process of breaking the towels in (done by you, at home), are the antithesis of fast-fashion. The beauty and integrity of the natural material demands a slow respectful process that offers the rewards of longevity, absorbency and softness that cannot be matched by factory made towels.

Soft, absorbent, and completely natural our towels combine the beauty of unbleached 100% pure organic cotton with time-honoured craftsmanship to create a luxurious product that is durable, natural and full of character.

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Images above show our Handwoven Organic Cotton Towels in Ecru, Handwoven Organic Cotton Checked Towels in Ecru and Handwoven Organic Cotton Striped Towels in Ecru.

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