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Over the centuries linen has fallen in and out of favour with shifting sentiments about value and aesthetics. In recent decades the popularity of linen has gone from strength to strength as its benefits have once again fallen in alignment with cultural sentiment and values.

At a time when so many of us are becoming mindful of our environmental impact, linen is truly coming into its own again. From being one of the more environmentally friendly fabrics to cultivate, requiring less water and pesticides to grow and producing little waste in production due to every aspect of the flax linen plant being put to use, to being an extremely durable fabric that can be used, washed and lived in for decades or even centuries, the benefits of linen are manifold and well aligned with modern environmental standards.

Linen creates a relaxed and effortless look and feel while at the same time being practical, durable and a fabric that becomes softer and more beautiful through time and use. If cared for properly, high quality linen fabric pieces can last for generations. What’s more, unlike synthetic products, linen is a natural material that can fully decompose leaving no traces in the environment.


Benefits of our Belgian linen

Our beautiful collection of Belgian table and bed linen was created to high ethical and environmental standards and was designed to last. All of the pieces are woven entirely in Belgium in a 200-year-old family-run linen mill. Each product comes with a certificate of origin that makes its origin traceable and transparent and certifies that it was entirely made in Belgium. The linen mill where the fabric is both woven and sewn into the finished product is certified CO neutral, powered by the sun and the North Sea winds instead of relying on fossil fuels.


Our New Fabric

Some of you may have been familiar with our old Heavy Belgian Linen Tablecloth, Napkins and Throw Blankets. These pieces were always among our most popular items due to their timeless simplicity, exceptional quality and durability. We are excited to now be able to offer a new fabric that is very similar to our old Heavy Belgian Linen fabric with the added benefit of being pre-washed and therefore even softer and with a slightly more relaxed look and feel.  

Our Heavy Washed Belgian Linen fabric is rustic, durable and strong while still being incredibly soft, luxurious and beautifully elegant. The colour of the fabric comes from the natural colour of flax linen and is less processed than other bleached and dyed fabrics making it not only better for the environment but also a more natural cream colour that is exceptionally easy to live with. It is a true neutral, neither too warm nor too cool, that is versatile, adaptable and serves as the perfect base for mixing and matching other colours with.

This new fabric comes as a large bed spread or throwtablecloth in two sizes (the large size is already sold out but more stock is on the way) and napkins.


All of our Belgian Linen 

All of our other Belgian Linen pieces are woven and sewn in the same linen mill to the same high environmental standards. Our Belgian linen bedding, available in bed setspillowcases and fitted sheets, is made from a finer, even softer fabric that is perfect for sleeping in, while our striped Belgian linen bedding is made from a sturdy, slightly heavier fabric perfect for the winter months that is still wonderfully soft to sleep in.

As we all begin to demand more value from our purchases, looking for pieces that will stand the test of time, are produced in a fair and environmentally conscious manner and can offer flexibility, versatility and durability so as to stay in use for decades to come, quality linen is a traditional and historic material that meets the needs of thoughtful modern life with elegance and effortlessness.  

Simple quality ethical Belgian linen tablecloth

Belgian Linen tablecloth and napkins ethical sustainable Simple natural rustic elegant Belgian linen tablecloth Belgian linen tablecloth and napkin in natural flax colour natural luxury linen bead spread in neutral colour  Belgian linen bed throw in natural neutral flax colour simple timeless dining room decor Belgian Linen neutral napkin set Belgian linen tablecloth rustic natural luxury cream linen bead spread throw timeless bedroom decor with linen beddingsimple timeless linen tablecloth and napkins simple elegant timeless dining room decornatural timeless dining room decor with linen

Images above show our Heavy Washed Belgian Linen Blanket Throw, Tablecloth and Napkins, Hand Forged Copper Cups, Handmade Fluted Side and Dinner Plates, Hand Dyed Velvet Cushion Cover in Arthur's SeatHeritage Brass Water Mister, Heavy Belgian Linen Bedding Set in Stripes, Belgian Linen Pillowcases in Natural White.

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