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Linen has been on my mind for a very long time. This ancient fabric represents the values that we strive for in our store so effortlessly. Linen is beautifully imperfect; it isn’t uniform and it isn’t pristine. Instead, it’s an evolving fabric that has the rare quality of becoming ever more beautiful the more it is used. Linen is durable and easy to live with. It has a relaxed, effortless look and doesn’t need to be ironed to look beautifully in your home. It’s humble and unpretentious with a natural elegance that is organic and enduring.

But above all, linen is one of the most environmentally friendly fabrics. It does not need irrigation and needs hardly any plant protection products. It is completely biodegradable and produces no waste as every single part of the plant is put to use in various forms from food to insulation to paper production. It is a unique fabric whose many benefits have ensured that it has stayed relevant for over 5000 years.

As we push ourselves to ever higher standards in the search for new products to offer in our store, linen has been on my mind for almost one year. We wanted to offer a range of beautiful linen items that are different to most other linen homewares and are incredibly durable and made to high ethical standards. We came close on a number of occasions but little details just didn’t feel quite right. So we waited and continued searching.

We wanted to offer the highest quality fabric we could find that could be used daily for decades. We wanted to offer a range of natural, neutral colours that would create calm comforting interiors and could blend easily with what you already have in your home. We wanted a pure linen fabric that was a little bit different to everything else out there and that would only look better every time it was used and washed.

Finally, after nearly a year of searching, we are happy to share the latest additions to our range: our beautiful Belgian Linen Tablecloth in Ecru, Napkin Sets in Ecru, and Bed Cover Throw in Ecru. Beautifully crafted and made to the highest ethical and environmental standards, these textiles can become a natural, comforting part of your home life for decades. You can view the full collection in the NEW section of our webshop and read a little bit more about just what makes this linen so special in the product descriptions.

ethical sustainable  Belgian linen bed cover blanket throw in natural neutral colours
luxury Belgian bed linen bed cover sustainably produced in Belgium
calming natural neutral bedroom decor with linen
natural bedroom decor with linen bed cover and velvet green cushions
natural wood and line bedroom decor
calming natural bedroom decor with long linen curtains and bedding
neutral natural nude bedroom decor
beautiful sunny bedroom with soft comforting decor
interior decor book to create ethical comforting interiors

Images above show: our Belgian Linen Throw Blanket in Ecru, Belgian Linen Throw Blanket in Raw Umber, Simple Ceramic Mug in matte greyHeritage Brass Water Mister, Dry Brushing Body Brush, Hand Dyed Velvet Jewel Cushion Covers in Dune, Hand Dyed Velvet Jewel Cushion Covers in Dappled Green, This is Home book.

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